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Parking Lot Safety Rules

please always remember
  • The biggest concerns we have in this neighborhood are:
    • Crossing streets safely in designated areas
    • Double-parking
    • Bike safety
  • Give yourself the gift of time.  
    • Leave the house 5 minutes earlier than you think you have to.
    • Give your child happy and calm greetings in morning and afternoon.


Driving Students to school

1.  Please only park in spots indicated as VISITOR.  Parking in STAFF ONLY spots can cause delays to people getting to work in the morning.  Our small parking lot is for bus access only.

2.  When dropping off students at the gate on 15th street, please pull over to the curb safely.  NEVER LET YOUR CHILD OUT ONTO THE STREET.  Please do not double-park as you can be cited.  Remember, these streets are narrow and children should only exit your vehicle onto a sidewalk.

3.  If using the parking lot entrance, please make sure your child is prepared and ready to make a quick exit so as to keep the flow of traffic moving.  

4.  There is only a RIGHT HAND turn into, and out of, our parking lot.


picking up students from school

1.  If you choose to pick up your child from our parking lot, ask your child to watch for you from inside our gates and walk to the curb when you arrive.  If your child is not ready to join you, please circle to keep the traffic moving.

2.  Please do not jaywalk.  Cross our neighborhood streets safely using crossing guards.

3.  Any child not picked up by 3 pm will be asked to wait inside the office for supervision.


Parking Lot Directions
aerial diagram of parking lot flow