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Parent Involvement Rules and Regulations


District Strategies for Non-Title I Schools

For each school that does not receive federal Title I funds, the Superintendent or designee shall, at a minimum: 1. Engage parents/guardians positively in their children's education by helping them develop skills to use at home that support their children's academic efforts at school and their children's development as responsible members of society (Education Code 11502, 11504) 2. Inform parents/guardians that they can directly affect the success of their children's learning, by providing them with techniques and strategies that they may use to improve their children's academic success and to assist their children in learning at home (Education Code 11502, 11504) The Superintendent or designee may: Encourage parents/guardians to volunteer in their child's classroom and to participate in school advisory committees 3. Build consistent and effective communication between the home and school so that parents/guardians may know when and how to assist their children in support of classroom learning activities (Education Code 11502, 11504) 2. Train teachers and administrators to communicate effectively with parents/guardians (Education Code 11502, 11504) 5. Integrate parent involvement programs into school plans for academic accountability