Parking Lot Safety Rules

Parking Lot Safety Rules

For the safe daily delivery and pick up of all students during the school year, please be aware of and observe the following SAFETY RULES:
1.       DO NOT PARK in any spaces in the parking lot as these are reserved for STAFF ONLY.
2.       Please use the 15th Street gate to drop off students directly onto the playground.
3.       If absolutely necessary, use the front large circle drive to drop off your student.
HOWEVER, you may only drive through and STOP, DROP, and ROLL at the designated SIGN, “Student Drop Off.”  Do not take time CONVERSING, as you will cause cars behind you to back up and cause congestion.
4.       Do NOT park by the curb. RED and BLUE Curbs are ILLEGAL for stopping or parking.
5.       There is ONLY a RIGHT-HAND TURN entering the lot and a RIGHT-HAND TURN exiting the lot.  PLEASE respect and abide by this safety guideline.
6.       If you need to leave your car, please park on the street.  There is ample parking on 15th Street.
7.       The small circle drive is for BUSES only.  Children enter that area via a cross walk. 
8.       Always be patient and respectful.
9.       PARKING in the HANDICAPPED ZONE is AGAINST THE LAW AND CAN RESULT IN TICKETING.  It is reserved primarily for STUDENTS with handicaps.
10.   STUDENT PICK UP is conducted in the large circle parking lot in much the same way as drop off.  Parents should stop at the “Student Pick Up” sign and not stop in front of the school. 

11.   If your child is not immediately available, we ask that you circle the lot as many times as it takes him/her to get to the correct area.

12.   Please help reinforce the importance of your child going to that area directly after school.
13.   If you are going to be late PLEASE call the office.  Children that are not picked up promptly will be asked to go to the office area until their parent comes in to check them out.
14.   Habitual lateness in picking up a child will result in a conference to develop a plan.

Students may NOT stay at school unsupervised.


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